The Gifts of the Spirit

Sep 22, 2019

Neal explained about the Gifts of the Spirit.

[Please note that only the first 35 minutes of Neal's preach were recorded. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.]

This morning we looked at the Gifts of the Spirit – How they work in the Church, what they are for and who they are for.

Phil spoke last week about being a spirit filled community and said we want to release people to minister in their gifting in the Church – this is true and why I wanted to look at the Gifts and how we use them.


John 7 vs 37-39 – Rivers of Living Water – The promise of The Holy Spirit

John 14 vs 16-18 – The Holy Spirit – our advocate – Comforter/Helper – Does that help in our understanding of who the Holy Spirit is?

Acts 1 vs 4-8 – The Holy Spirit brings POWER!

Some things the Gifts of the Spirit are not –

  1. They are nor exclusive – they are inclusive – they are for all – not just for elders or leaders.
  2. They are not for self promotion – You don’t earn them, you don’t pass an exam to get them and you are not ‘special’ if you use them – they are a gift.
  3. They are not a badge of honour – like scouts or brownies? They should not fill us with pride – they are grace gifts.

Some things the Gifts of the Spirit bring to the Church

They are for the common good – for the whole Church – 1 Cor 12vs 7

The equip the saints for the work of ministry in the Church- The build up the body of Christ – Ephesians 4 vs 12

The strengthen you – they strengthen the Church – Encourage each other and comfort each other. – 1 Cor 14 vs 3

They help the Body of Christ work as it should do – One in Spirit – Romans 12 vs 4-5

They bring unity to the body of Christ – increase our knowledge of the son of God – help us grow and mature – Ephesians 4 vs 12-16

Powerful list, powerful gifts and essential for a fully functioning and Powerful Church.

So let’s look at the Gifts

Gifts to People – 1 Corinthians 12 vs 7-11

Gifts of Revelation – Wisdom, Knowledge and Discerning Of Spirits

Gifts of Inspiration – Tongues, Interpretation and Prophecy.

Gifts of Power – Faith, Healings and Miracles.


Gifts to The Church – Ephesians 4vs 11

Apostles, prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers


Gifts for The Church – Romans 12 vs 6-8

Prophecy, Serving, Teaching, Encouraging, Giving, leading and showing kindness (Mercy)


Gifts in The Church – 1 Cor 12 vs 27-30

Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, `Miracles, Healing and Helping.


Although the gifts are vital for the fully functioning Church we want a balance – the word and the spirit together make a powerful combination.

John Piper says

“ In the end the heart longs not for any of God’s good gifts but for God himself. To see him and know him and be in his presence is the souls final feast. Beyond this there is no quest. Words fail. We call it pleasure, joy, delight but these are weak pointers to the unspeakable experience of knowing God.” – Desiring God – John Piper.

Acts 2 vs 42-47 – This is the early church functioning as it should and this is where we want to be!



  1. Does the picture of the Holy Spirit being our advocate help in our understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit?
  2. What stops us seeking the Gifts and asking God for them?
  3. How can you individually step out in areas that you have not moved in before?
  4. What gift would you like to move into that you do not move in at the moment?

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