Spiritual DNA

Dave Harper (Sun, 11 Nov 2012)

On Church In The Peak’s 25th Anniversary Celebration weekend, Dave looked at the Isaiah 41:17-20 – some of the very first prophetic verses given about Church in the Peak.

Dave spoke about the spiritual DNA that God puts in everyone when they are saved and also about the spiritual DNA of the church.

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Phil Hardy (Sun, 04 Nov 2012)

Phil started a series of preaches from Deuteronomy. Today, Phil looked at Israel’s journey.

To download Phil's slides, click here.

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Going On A Summer Holiday

Andy Sewell (Sun, 28 Oct 2012)

As part of our All Age Service, Andy spoke about how God has made it possible for us to enter heaven. Andy looked at:

Departure Times;
Vaccinations and Inoculations;
Reservations; and
the Arrival Party.

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Daddy God

Peter Williams (Sun, 21 Oct 2012)

Peter spoke about “Daddy God”.

Questions 1. Do you wake in the early morning? And what preoccupies you?

2. How was your experience of an earthly father? Do you have any problems as regards relating to God as a father?

3. How does this affect your mission?

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Can't Ignore The Poor Part 2

Phil Hardy (Sun, 14 Oct 2012)

Please note that due to microphone problems, the first couple of minutes of the preach were not recorded.

Phil continued his message from Isaiah 58, speaking from Isaiah 58 v6-14

Phil looked at the yoke of oppression that Jesus came to free people from. He looked at the oppression that can be on the individual, in a community (Society) and on a nation.

Jesus came to break the yoke of oppression and part of our mission as the church is to do the same through our social action.


. What oppression are we aware of in our communities, if any?

. How can we affect the community to bring change?

. If you could do anything what would it be? (What’s in your heart to do?)

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Can't Ignore The Poor

Phil Hardy (Sun, 07 Oct 2012)

Phil looked at Isaiah 58 and Gods heart being revealed towards the poor and needy.


• How is the Gospel Good news for the Poor?

• Who are the Poor?

• Do we know people who would be in that list? what can we do to help them?

• Are we eager to remember the poor, if not how can we change?

• In what ways can we further engage with the poor and needy?

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What Is Our Mission

Dave Harper (Sun, 30 Sep 2012)

Dave spoke about our mission statement, what we are here for, what is our purpose,why we exist. This is the statement: ‘We exist to worship God and encounter his presence, committed to advancing his Kingdom through local church communities caught up in mission both here and to the nations’.


Do you find the idea of being a church on mission exciting, frightening, challenging or what?

Not everybody is an evangelist, in what ways can you be missional?

Read Bill Hybel’s extract from ‘Just Walk Across the Room’ called Seed Sowing Fools. He ask this question:’Do you really believe that someday the seed you sow will fall on the right soil and produce fruit?. Why or why not?”

How would taking Christ at his word that you will produce fruit encourage you to get engaged in the work of evangelism?

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