Paul Basson


Paul Basson (Sun, 06 Dec 2015)

Paul Basson from South Manchester Family Church spoke from Isaiah 54 about being stretched.

We believe God had given Paul a important word for the church for the future.

To view Paul's slides (in PDF format), click here.

Word. Crowden church. Graves navvies who cut a tunnel.
There are things that have to die before you move on.
There is work to be done to dig under who we are as a church, under the peak district, and the spirit of God will rise up in the peaks.
This has just started.

We can be comfortable and keep routines.
Einstein. Doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result is insanity.
Isa 54v2-4
God wants to resettle desolate areas.
We can be spiritually barren due to our routines. We can be overwhelmed, lose hope, due to lack of breakthrough.
Israel were tired of no answers, but had faith.
EA Games logo says 'question everything'. It's healthy to ask questions to ourselves and God.
V2, do not hold back. God has a bigger plan for us. So we need to enlarge the tent.

Active preparation.
Encompassing a greater area.
Remaining strong - what do we need to strengthen
Comes from God. He will give us a bigger footprint. That will give us greater stability. Our steps and hearts both need enlarging.
Enlargement of location. Will you grow God asks? Grow and then go.

We need a new wineskin, that is elastic and moveable.

Stretching causes pain.
Why do we avoid being stretched?
Bad experience
Satisfaction where we are
Low self esteem. Most people with low self esteem Ave higher than average ability.
Dissatisfaction can be a stimulus to move forward.
1cor15v58 the past has not been in vain. It helped develop character.

When you stop stretching you become boring. are you bored?
Do you want on your gravestone, died whilst fulfilling his potential?

54v2 says don't hold back.


1) Paul talked about tunnelling in prayer, this was to get under things and see new things happen, What new things are asking God for in the church?

2) He talked about stretching out, how does that make you feel ? were you filled with fear, uncertainty, excitement, ? or maybe something else

3) If we are to stretch out and extend our borders what do you think that means and where do you see that happening in your own life and in the church?

4) His final point was "don't hold back" where are you holding back? where do you think the church has held back? what action can we take to Not Hold Back

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