Neal Garrett

The Passover

Neal Garrett (Sun, 24 Sep 2017)

Neal continued our series on Exodus looking at the Passover from Exodus chapter 11 and 12 and what it meant for the children of Israel and what the Passover signifies for us with regard to our salvation and position in Christ.

This is the passover clip from "The Prince of Egypt" that was played:


Pharaoh was on a collision course with God as he did not know God and was not prepared to listen to Moses.
Exodus 5 vs 2 – Who is the Lord that I should obey his voice – I don’t know the Lord and I will not let the people go…

However,God had already made a covenant promise with Moses that he would set the people free from slavery and from Pharaoh’s rule over them – See Exodus 3 vs 6-8 … I have come down to rescue them from the power of the Egyptians and lead them out of Egypt.

Pharaoh does not listen to God throughout the plagues and so finally it comes down to the last plague where the first born of each family would die. However, God gave Moses specific instructions for the children of Israel and what they were to do to ensure their safety. They were to sacrifice a lamb and paint the doorpost and lintels of the doorway to the house with the blood of the lamb and when the spirit of God saw the blood he would not enter that house and would pass over. The children of Israel were duly saved by the shedding of blood of the lamb and herein lies one of the great themes of the bible – God rescuing his people by the sacrifice of a perfect Lamb and the shedding of blood.

This points us towards Jesus the Lamb Of God - our perfect sacrifice who rescues us and saves us through his sacrifice.
John 1 vs 29 – Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

We are children of a new and better covenant – Hebrews 10 vs 16 – Hebrews 10 vs 9

So how does this affect us today?

1. We need to know and understand our position in Christ – that it is not our righteousness that he looks at but the righteousness of Christ- Our position as sons and daughters is secure.
2. Jesus sacrifice gives us “ right standing” with God and we are acceptable to him as our debt has been paid – Jesus took our place and was our substitute- all our sin fell on Jesus. (Romans5)
3. WE can enter God’s presence with boldness not timidity – Hebrews 10 vs 19

Once we understand these promises of God and capture his amazing plan of salvation we have to worship! Hebrews 13 vs 15

God was always looking for a people to worship him and right at the beginning of the Exodus story told Moses to say to Pharaoh “ This is what the Lord says – Israel is my first born son. I command you to let my people go so they can worship me”

Nothing changes – God still seeks a people who will worship him in Spirit and in Truth and when we realize what a great salvation we have and what God does for us on a daily basis we can do only one thing – Worship the King!


1. Does the story of the Children of Israel leaving Egypt help in our understanding of our own salvation and does the Passover aid that understanding?
2. The old covenant let peoples sins be forgiven by the shedding of blood and a sacrifice – The new covenant is based on Jesus sacrifice – Once and for all – Do we understand the difference between the two and how does that understanding help in our walk with God.
3. Why do we not boldly come into God’s presence? What holds us back and what can we do or understand to help us in this situation?
4. Did looking at the Passover help in your understanding of communion and why we take communion?

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