David West


David West (Sun, 13 Nov 2016)

David West explained about God's love for us and how Calvary changed everything.

Unfortunately, the whole of David's talk was not recorded. The following notes, made by Peter, cover the whole preach.

Calvary changed everything.
It moved us from the old covanent to the new.
Love God with all your heart soul and mind
Love your neighbour as yourself
Matthew 22:34ff
These are old covanent requirements
The requirements of the new covanent are always harder than the old.
So what's the requirement in the new covanent regarding love?

Jesus said he gave a new commandment, to love others as he does.
We don't love ourselves very well, so to have loved as we love ourself is not always great.
But Jesus wants us to love those that we would not associate with normally, and would do us harm.

So what would be higher than loving God with everything we have?
The emphasis shifts in the new covanent to how well God loves us, rather than how we love him! Our security and foundation has to change under the new covanent.
1 John 4. Without God there is no love. We love him because he first loved us.
God is never disillusioned with us as he had no illusions in the first place.
There is no condemnation even when we sin!
Did Jesus love John more than the other disciples? John was more convinced about the fact that he was loved by Jesus.
That gave John more security as a result.
Love will pull out of you the Spirit of adventure more. You will know you are safe in different environments.
It will also stir up in you a love for God more.
If it does not feel good, it means God has not finished yet.
When walking in the valley, we must not sit down and say woe is me. We need to walk and believe in the wow of God.
Jesus was kinder to Thomas than history has been!

How do we develop this love.
If you want to grow in your love for him, then grow in your confidence of his love for you.
We need to forgive 70x7. How much more will God forgive us?

How do we love those who do evil things?
Jesus, forgive hem for they know not what they do.
That was a transaction between God and Jesus.

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