Vision & Values

Our Vision Statement

“A worshipping community who love Jesus and serve His mission”

Worship is our highest call and an end in itself. As we meet, we value the presence of God above all things. God is worthy of our worship and should be first in our affections. Out of love for Jesus we want to serve His mission to seek and to save that which is lost. We have been commissioned by Jesus to GO and to make disciples by sharing his love and compassion, his care and his word (truth) in the power and authority given to us by Jesus. To follow Jesus is to love Him and do what he has commanded.

Our Mission Statement

“To build a resource base church from which we will plant churches across the Peak District and beyond”

We believe that church planting is the most effective way to practically outwork the prophetic pictures above and to extend God’s Kingdom. Local church is the community of God’s people in the earth, people who are building church by being in relationship with Jesus and with one another, expressing love and care as well as being shaped and moulded by God.

Our Values

Values are the things of God that we value very highly, they are like the foundations to a building, undergirding everything we do and shaping the structures and practices of the church. The atmosphere and culture of a local church are a reflection of its predominant values.

Practices are many,
Principles are few,
Practices often change
Principles never do!