Carly Spear (Sun, 15 Jan 2017)

Carly continued our Spiritual Gifts series looking at Encouragement.

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The amazing, gentle and powerful gift of Encouragement

To encourage someone is to give support, confidence and hope. Looking at it from a Biblical perspective the use of the gift is to point or draw someone into a more intimate relationship with Father God, to turn to God and to seek Him.

In the Old Testament the refrain ‘Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go’ is found repeatedly in Deuteronomy, Joshua and both books of Chronicles.
The Prophets were encouragers constantly urging the people to turn to the Lord, turn from their idolatries, to seek the Lord and repent.
Samuel encouraged the people to not ‘turn aside from following the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart’
Look at 2 Kings 17:13
There is purpose in the encouragement, turn and seek the Lord.

In the New Testament we see letters full of encouragement.
They are letters full of teaching, instruction, admonition amongst other things but the essence is always the forward, eternal perspective of ‘turn to God, seek Jesus’
Look at James and Paul in 1 Thess 5:14-24

We look to the Lord for our example of how to encourage. The Holy Spirit is the greatest encourager of all, his voice is easy to hear throughout Scripture. He always points and draws us to Jesus.

We need encouragement to follow the Lord, remember who we are in Him and to stick to what we are called to.
We need someone to run alongside us when it feels all uphill, reminding us to keep seeking and trusting Jesus when we feel discouraged.

The gifts God gives are for us, for each other and for everyone as we use them to demonstrate the heart of God. However and whenever we encourage people we are demonstrating the love, passion and joy of God. He is for us! To encourage someone is to reveal the nature of God. It is powerful!
The gift of encouragement is all about nurturing people towards a place of seeking and trusting the Lord.

Suggestions for application:

If you feel discouraged, do you know why? Ask someone to run up that hill with you in prayer.

Pray truth over each other, prophecy over each other to hear how the Holy Spirit wants to help you seek and trust Jesus.

How have you or could you use the gift of encouragement? It might help to remember a time when someone encouraged you and it made a real difference to your life?

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New Year - Wading Deeper

Peter Williams (Sun, 08 Jan 2017)

Peter welcomed us to the New Year and explained some things that God is saying for us as a church.

We apologise for the poor quality of this audio recording.

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Wading deeper

Start new year.
New Bible reading through the Bible
Genesis and creation

The Amazon River in South America is the second longest river in the world after the Nile.  4,000 miles long, Peru through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.  It contains more water than any other river in the world.  The Amazon is so massive it actually contains more water than the Mississippi, the Nile and the Yangtze combined.
The Amazon River accounts for up to 1/5 of the earth's fresh water.
In one second the Amazon pours almost 60 million gallons, or 100 olympic swimming pools, into the Atlantic Ocean. One days worth of water flowing out of the Amazon is the equivalent of 12 years worth of water usage by the city of London, every tap, shower, toilet and all other combined sources of fresh water consumed by millions of people for 12 years!  It flows out of the Amazon every day....
This massive influx of fresh water actually dilutes the ocean's salinity, or saltiness, for up to 100 miles offshore.  The water flowing out of the Amazon creates a brackish water system of a combination of both fresh and salt water for literally hundreds of square miles!

Ezekiel 47:3-12

Maklaklu a phodiso - Rev 22
The massive effect started with what they were doing because they felt it was what God wanted them to do.

Maxwell 360° leader 2006
Leading from the middle
Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization. On the back there’s a tagline: “Don’t wait for that promotion! Start leading NOW… right where you are!”

The Arabah, lit. "desolate and dry area", the area south of the Dead Sea basin which forms part of the border between Israel and Jordan.
The old meaning, was for the Jordan Rift Valley, running north-south between the Sea of Galilee and Eilat. The Dead Sea is commonly called today the Arava Valley.

Dead sea is known as DEAD for a reason!
This picture is about the effect God can have through us in a desolate place.

Our environment is pretty hostile. To God, and especially the church. Little grows

Food bank

Salt and Light
Matthew 5:13-16 Jesus said that we are "the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world". Being salt and light is not optional.
Jesus did not say you can be...or you have the potential to be...He said you are.
Everyone who has trusted Christ for salvation and is born again is the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump. (Galatians 5:9)

This is all about getting out there, doing the stuff, and seeing the society changed all around us.

The thing about wading in is you just don't know how deep you are going to go.

Deut1 Arabah
See, the Lord your God has set the land before you. Go up, take possession, as the Lord , the God of your fathers, has told you. Do not fear or be dismayed.’
Deuteronomy 1:21

What does it mean for us to take the land?

Ezekiel was led through the water.
Intimacy with God.

Random Samsung text during Dave Wades sermon
We need to be. It can be fruit pickers, carwashes etc. There is a place for doctrines and dogma and science and history and apologetics, but these things are not Jesus. Jesus is our model. Jesus and kingdom.

Nation changing movements were not started because someone had a grand plan and implemented it. Start small to achieve small purposes. And grow.

What does that look like?
When you secure Matlock you will take the peaks.
He means what he promised….. keyring.

There are no questions this week as all the Groups are meeting together.

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Carol Service

Peter Williams (Sun, 18 Dec 2016)

Peter spoke about what Christmas is really about and why the wise men gave the gifts that they did.

To view Peter's slides (in PDF format), click here.

During the Carol Service, the children and young people re-told the story of the first Christmas:

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The Gift Of Administration

Justyn Pride (Sun, 11 Dec 2016)

Justyn continued our series on Spiritual Gifts looking at the gift of Administration.

To view Justyn's slides (in PDF format), click here.

Gift of Administration - 1 Cor 12:28-31

The gift is included in an list alongside apostles, prophets, evangelists, and miracles. It’s there for a purpose. The passage clearly shows that it is a spiritual gift, therefore it is given by and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit who heals, saves and delivers! We need to see this gift as of equal value as all the gifts and not separate into a ‘secular vs spiritual’ mindset.

The word Administration in greek is Kubernesis meaning ‘to steer, or rule or govern’. it refers to a ships captain or master and is about guiding or directing the ship towards a goal. Administrators are often ‘jack of all trades’ and can see things through the lenses of others as they steer the whole of the ship forward. They are broad and see a big picture.

There are plenty of administrators in the bible - God (the great architect who created and sustains all things), Moses, Daniel, Solomon and Stephen to name a few.

Some important points

• Faith - key for any administrator as we need to hear and believe God as we steer the ship.
• Spontaneous vs Planned - planning is vital and is not less spiritual than spontaneity. In creation God made everything according to his plan and order. Imagine if the fish had been made before the water!
• Flexible Structures - administration is about creating flexible wineskins/structures that serve the wine/product/service of the organisation. They are to sustain and bring life, not kill it. Inflexibility and focus on the structure, not on the spirit of the organisation creates bureaucracy and ultimate death.
• He wastes nothing - God works all things for good. He doesn’t waste our, or others mistakes, they are all learning opportunities.
• Handling Tension - nothing is perfect, but when tensions arise we need faith to see that the tension creates energy, and that energy should be used to bring the breakthrough needed.


1. We are called to ask for gifts, so it this is something we can, and should ask God for, even in a small measure!

2. Do you identify having the gift of administration?

3. Do you prefer spontaneity or planning? How do you feel about people to work the oppose way? How can we honour our differences?

4. In your work place, does the structure hind or help the life of the organisation? Can you bring something of the kingdom of God in that influence new life? How you manage, encourage and relate to others has a huge impact.

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The Prophetic

Ian Parfitt (Sun, 04 Dec 2016)

Ian continued our series on spiritual gift, looking at the gift of prophecy.

To view Ian's notes (in PDF format), click here.

To view Ian's slides (in PDF format), click here.

The areas Ian looked at were:

1. Old and New Covenant Prophetic
2. Prophecy today - Two types of prophecy: Spontaneous & Non-Spontaneous
3. Handling The prophetic - There are three phases of prophecy:
- R Revelation (hearing + speaking)
- I Interpretation
- A Application
4. Our Response to the Prophetic

Questions and activities for groups

Question 1: How do you see the role of prophecy in the church today?

Question 2: What helps or hinders you from hearing from God?

Question 3: Have there been prophecies spoken over you?* If so, what has been your response? (*Only give details if you’re comfortable to do so.)

Activity (optional): In small groups (3 – 4) pray together and ask God what he has to say for each member of the group.

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Spiritual Gifts - Healing

Dave Wade (Sun, 27 Nov 2016)

Dave Wade spoke about the gift of healing.

To see Dave's slides (in PDF format), click here.

Encouragement to use the gifts --- of healings
1 Corth 12:7- 11. 14:1 & Rms 12:6
1Timothy 4: 14-15, 2 Tim1:6

I believe God is saying to his church today about the spiritual gifts and everyone is a gift to this church family for a purpose and God has and wants to give . spiritual gifts to help build his church so that it will grow and will reflect his glory here in the Peaks.

God wants us to refocus, reignite, the calling and gifts he has given us to build his church. Re ignite the passion.

1Cor12:7-9. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers. to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues and to still another the interpretation of tongues All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.


1. Do you believe in spiritual gifts?
2. We all like gifts why do you think God gives us gifts?
3. Do we eagerly desire the gifts and what things might stops us?
4. Do you know the gifts God has given you and are you using them on a regular basis?
5. Where should we use the gifts and how often or what stops us?
6. What are your views on the gifts of healing are plural?
7. Share testimonies of healing to encourage others.
8. How can we create an atmosphere where the gifts are regularly displayed and consistently model them?.

Is there any questions about gifts of healing
Pray for each other to rekindle, fan into flame and fresh passion to use our gifts.
Let him use it.... Romans 12

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Discernment and Identity

Phil Hardy (Sun, 20 Nov 2016)

Phil continued our series on spiritual gifts by talking about discernment.

These times together in the 3 areas are opportunity to discover our identity, allow God to shape us by encountering him, understand how we can affect our community by taking responsibility for seeing his Kingdom come where are, and build Holy Spirit filled communities that are effective and growing.

Here's the notes and some questions, but my encouragement would be take time to encounter God and let him give you fresh vision

The Lord said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him, "Lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward, for all the land that you see I will give to you and to your offspring forever.
GEN 13:14‭-‬15 ESV‬
What is the way God is leading us
Who we are in God , what do we carry?
We are on a journey of discovery as well as an adventure.
The children of Israel when they came out of Egypt knew they were slaves, it didn't take any discerning, they saw themselves as grass hoppers.
The majority of that generation died in the desert, the new generation who were going to possess the land didn't have any identity other than being a nomadic people.
God was to give then a new identity
Even when they went to Jericho they still had no idea who they were but the Canaanites knew who they were and were terrified of them.
We are to discern who we are, God’s new identity for us
How we perceive ourselves determines how we live When we know who we are well act accordingly.

“Everything you can comprehend through faith’s vision belongs to you. Look as far as you can, for it is all yours. All you long to be as a Christian, all you carry from God, all you long to do for God, and all that lies before us as a church are within the possibilities of faith”.


From where you are, what is it that you are seeing ?

What is it that you are longing for in God and how are you perusing it?

If how we perceive ourselves determines how we live – Is our perception of who we are lining up with who God says we are ? If not how can this be changed ? What signs can we look for that show a change in our identity ?

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David West (Sun, 13 Nov 2016)

David West explained about God's love for us and how Calvary changed everything.

Unfortunately, the whole of David's talk was not recorded. The following notes, made by Peter, cover the whole preach.

Calvary changed everything.
It moved us from the old covanent to the new.
Love God with all your heart soul and mind
Love your neighbour as yourself
Matthew 22:34ff
These are old covanent requirements
The requirements of the new covanent are always harder than the old.
So what's the requirement in the new covanent regarding love?

Jesus said he gave a new commandment, to love others as he does.
We don't love ourselves very well, so to have loved as we love ourself is not always great.
But Jesus wants us to love those that we would not associate with normally, and would do us harm.

So what would be higher than loving God with everything we have?
The emphasis shifts in the new covanent to how well God loves us, rather than how we love him! Our security and foundation has to change under the new covanent.
1 John 4. Without God there is no love. We love him because he first loved us.
God is never disillusioned with us as he had no illusions in the first place.
There is no condemnation even when we sin!
Did Jesus love John more than the other disciples? John was more convinced about the fact that he was loved by Jesus.
That gave John more security as a result.
Love will pull out of you the Spirit of adventure more. You will know you are safe in different environments.
It will also stir up in you a love for God more.
If it does not feel good, it means God has not finished yet.
When walking in the valley, we must not sit down and say woe is me. We need to walk and believe in the wow of God.
Jesus was kinder to Thomas than history has been!

How do we develop this love.
If you want to grow in your love for him, then grow in your confidence of his love for you.
We need to forgive 70x7. How much more will God forgive us?

How do we love those who do evil things?
Jesus, forgive hem for they know not what they do.
That was a transaction between God and Jesus.

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Tongues and Interpretation

Dave Watmore (Sun, 06 Nov 2016)

Continuing our series on the gifts of the Spirit, Dave looks at tongues and interpretation.

All Gods gifts are unmerited but He wants us all to eagerly desire them.

Our Father has given us the gift of mission to our community and he has also given us the gifts to work to achieve this with Him.

The gift of tongues is one that is there to build each one of us up before God.

I used the illustration of the three gifts, a ring, a screw driver/drill and a bottle of moisturiser to illustrate my point.

The gift of tongues for personal use is a very flexible gift helping us to pray into difficult situations when we don't know the facts or have run out of words to pray.


It says in I Corinthians 14 that the gift of tongues is to edifying the born again Christian. Edifying means to build up. Share examples of when the gift of tongues has been useful to you in building you up when in a difficult situation.

Think of situations in the local community when it would be useful to pray in tongues to see the Holy Spirit break in.

Please consider my illustration of the Christmas gift that I did not remember having and had left unused for a year. Are you using the gift of tongues either in private or public?

What is holding you back from desiring the gift or using it?

Paul says eagerly desire the spiritual gifts. That includes speaking in tongues.

The gift of tongues is a wonder gift. Does it thrill you? If not, would you like to be thrilled with this gift that builds up?

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When Jesus Says Come

Dave Harper (Sun, 30 Oct 2016)

Dave spoke about following Jesus when he calls you out of the boat.

Further notes and questions may follow in due course.

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