Dave Harper

The Trinity

Dave Harper (Sun, 30 Jul 2017)

Dave preached on the Trinity and how God can only love us because he knows love.

Further notes and questions may follow in due course.

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Old Testament Prophecies

Dave Harper (Sun, 23 Apr 2017)

Dave outlines some of the Old Testament prophecies.

Please note that not all of Dave's preach was recorded.

Isaiah 19:19-25 Isaiah prophecies of a day when God will do a remarkable thing among the peoples of the Middle East turning them to the Lord and bringing unity through worship.


Using Isaiah 19:19-25 we can find a number of prayers we can confidently pray for the Middle East since they come straight from God's word, the bible. What are some of these prayers?

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When Jesus Says Come

Dave Harper (Sun, 30 Oct 2016)

Dave spoke about following Jesus when he calls you out of the boat.

Further notes and questions may follow in due course.

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The Father Heart Of God

Dave Harper (Sun, 19 Jun 2016)

On Father's Day, Dave spoke about the Father Heart of God.


When Jesus said 'I will not leave you as orphans' (john 14:18) what do you think he meant and how would he accomplish this?

Though we may well know the biblical truth about our relationship with God as Father we can often struggle with acceptance and approval issues. How can we deal with this??

Dave encouraged us that the Father brings hope to our heart and read the following encouragement
"Help emerged as I began to explore entering the silence, not in some rural idyll but a desert space where I might hang out with God and converse with him about who I was. It was within this silence I discovered I was deeply loved by God, had always been known by God, that God was more deeply embedded within me than I’d ever known. Slowly I stopped measuring myself against my views. I exchanged insecurity derived from my uncertain friendshipse for the security of knowing God. The restless anxious chatter in my head, while never stilled, lost its power to determine who and how I showed up in life. My inner anxious self was shattered and hope was birthed, a hope with which to wage war against the internal chatter that made me doubt myself, lose my confidence and constantly compared me to others."

Do you think you could do this more yourself?

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Apostolic Mission

Dave Harper (Sun, 17 Apr 2016)

Dave spoke about Apostolic Mission.

Map of area in time of Acts.

Here are Dave's questions drawn from the talk. Use the ones you want to.

Passage Acts 2:5-11

What do you think is the significance of this record of the New Testament church 's birth?

What do you think is the significance that people group could hear God's praises in their own language?

What is God's mission and how does apostolic mission connect to it??

How far had this mission spread by the end of chapter 12 of the book of Acts?

Did the talk impact your worldview of the mission of the church?

How can we be caught up in apostolic mission?

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Breaking the Power of Shame

Dave Harper (Sun, 15 Nov 2015)


Please listen to the talk on line if you missed it and want the background to these questions.

Justyn Georges has studied eastern shame cultures extensively and lived in the far east for many years. He says this:

'My biggest discovery while learning about honour-shame has been the depth of my own shame. I began researching the topic for ministry purposes—how can I reach “them”—but have realized it has immense personal application as well. But the depth of shame in every heart is simply a display for the magnificence of God’s honour'

What do you think he means when he says the depth of shame in our heart is an opportunity for the display of the magnificence of God's honour?

How difficult is it to talk about shame and take steps to bring it out in the open?

What are the steps to come out from under the shadow of shame?

Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed Ps34:5

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The Great Banquet In The Kingdom Of God - Part 2

Dave Harper (Sun, 27 Sep 2015)

Dave continued looking at the Great Banquet in the Kingdom of God.

In the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14, the servant has to go out and invite people to the banquet.

Have a look at the three circles approach to explaining the gospel invitation.

See for some training.

Get into twos and take turns in practicing using this approach.

Is it an approach you think you could use?

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The Great Banquet In The Kingdom of God

Dave Harper (Sun, 20 Sep 2015)

Luke 14:15-24 the great banquet

Of those invited to the great banquet of the kingdom of God, who gets in and who does not? Why?

How great was the cost to you of choosing to follow jesus?

What did you think about Nabeel's story of the cost?

The servant obeys the master of the banquet and invites the poor and the Gentiles to the feast. How can you?

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Trusting God

Dave Harper (Sun, 09 Aug 2015)

Dave spoke about trusting God. There are no notes or questions from this morning.

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How Do You Pray For The Kingdom Of God To Come?

Dave Harper (Sun, 07 Jun 2015)

Dave preached on the Prayer that Jesus taught us to pray in Luke 11:1-4.

Please note that the last part of the preach did not record. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Jesus gave a format for prayer that has come to be known as the Lord's Prayer, it covers every kind of prayer.

Jesus first taught his disciples to approach the Father and to worship him. Calling God Abba (Father) was intimate and the language of the heart.
Devotion to the Father can be pursued in many ways, find a way that suits you, there are many aids available.
We learn to relate with God in the way that suits us, that reflects who we are. There is no prayer manual or how-to book, it is a relationship. But it is a relationship based on knowing who He is "Prayer exalts God as all sufficient and humbles us as needy " John Piper

Next Jesus taught us to pray "your kingdom come". How do we do that?
The context is the clash of kingdoms we looked at in Daniel
God's rule breaking into this world is a battle ground. His light into darkness, his kingdom breaking into enemy territory demolishing strongholds, his will prevailing, his victory being established and extended across the world by and through the church. He alone is sovereign.
We fight in prayer for every advance of the kingdom, in individual lives and in whole communities. Pray it again for the Peaks, battle for a change in the spiritual climate in our communities, ask God to come down (Isaiah 64:1-2). It takes a whole church to pray.

Such kingdom praying starts with knowing and declaring God is sovereign, The Lord reigns! This leads to growing confidence, he has power to accomplish his purposes, more than we can ask or imagine.

Faith comes from hearing the word of God, as we engage in these truths faith grows.
Abraham grew in his faith been fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Faith leads to action, we have to battle with fear so we act and obey our Lord. We looked at Paul's request for prayer that he would be fearless in proclaiming Jesus (Ephesians 6:19-20). If Paul requested prayer that he would declare Jesus fearlessly 'as I should' then so do we. Can we pray for one another that God will make us brave and bold? In reality we have to face and overcome our fears, as we step out we grow bolder. Acts 4:29 is a great response to the pressure to be silenced.

Jesus taught us another prayer - Pray for workers for the harvest field , (Matthew 9:35-38)
Often we pray this for specific needs in the church, a youth worker and a children's worker.
This is good, please do join together as a church for these particular workers.
But we are workers too and we are to go into the harvest field as an answer to the prayer!


You can do a discovery bible study about praying kingdom prayers
~Read Acts 4:23-30
~Ask someone to retell the story in their own words
~what does the passage teach us about God or Jesus?
~what does it teach us about the people in the story?
~ is there a command to obey or an example to follow?
~what will you do this week to obey what you have learned?
(How did these disciples get themselves to a place of faith and obedience?)

Pray for the kingdom of God to come in your community, among your family, friends and acquaintances. Pray for a youth worker and a children's worker

Pray God will make us brave , even fearless

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