Andy Davies

Christ Has Gone Before

Andy Davies (Sun, 07 Jul 2013)

At our Regional Meeting at Lady Manners School, Andy Davies' preached from Hebrews chapter 2 versus 1 to 9.

Andy started by encouraging us to see our lives in the context of the big picture. He said that most pastoral issues in his experience came from focusing on what is happening ''now' rather than seeing things in the light of the big picture.

Verse one encourages us to listen to Jesus and not to drift. It's easy to drift when we stop listening to Jesus. This can happen in hardship but also when things seem to be going okay.

So what keeps us listening? The greatness of our salvation, Jesus has gone before us and we know that eternity awaits us. We get a glimpse of eternity in Verses 5 to 9.

Amazingly what we see here is that everything will be subject to us, that this passage taken from Psalm 8 is about us, it's about 'what is man.' There is a magnificent eternity. But what stands in the way is death, it triumphs everywhere. So presently we don't see everything subject to us but we do see Jesus made a little lower than the angels and now crowned with glory and honour.

We are weak, we have troubles, we have to look beyond the NOW and hear Jesus say 'I'm here', ' I've done it ', 'you can do it'. Put your faith in the promise of future grace. The passage from psalm 8 is my destiny, I will I will rule with him in glory.


Andy began by looking at verse 1 of Hebrews chapter 2 and warning us against drifting away from our great salvation and from Jesus . What can cause us to drift?

Hebrews encourages us to pay close attention, to listen to Jesus. In chapter 1:2 the writer emphasises that God has spoken to us by his Son, Jesus. What keeps us listening? What have we heard?

Death stands in the way of our inheritance of a magnificent eternity in heaven where all things will be subject to us! In our weakness and troubles how do we look beyond 'the now'?

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